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Bavaro, Located In Punta Cana, Quickly Became A Holiday Resort In Its Own Right When Hotels And Investment Opportunities Started Springing Up Along Its Tropical Eastern Coast.


Ideally situated on the famous Costa del Coco (Coconut Coast) and known for its six miles (10km) of pristine, sandy white beaches and shimmering crystal waters, Bavaro’s vast stretches of beach rarely experience overcrowding so that everyone can have their very own piece of holiday paradise! For more adventurous travelers, a trip off the not-so-beaten track to the nearby town of Cortecito, a fishing village and entertainment hub on this stretch, is an absolute must. This area, known as the downtown area of Bavaro, Punta Cana, where friendly local vendors can be found selling their wares along the edges of palm-fringed beaches, is frequented mostly by backpackers and independent European travelers on holiday and intent on having a truly authentic Dominican experience. If you are looking for more information regarding Bavaro real estate, contact Coldwell Banker Prime Reality today!


There are several main shopping centers that shoppers on holiday in Bavaro can enjoy. These shopping areas offer almost everything from boutiques, gift shops, souvenir shops, jewelry stores, pharmacies, and beach clothing stores. Other outdoor shopping areas are great for purchasing cigars and other local goods. Get in touch today, let’s help you explore luxury Bavaro villas.


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Manati Park is an amusing theme park located in Bavaro, Punta Cana, an incredible landscape of beautiful gardens overflowing with orchids and tropical plants. Here you will be able to experience nature, coming into contact with the fauna and flora of the Dominican Republic. During your stay in Manati Park, you will be able to enjoy various shows, restaurants, local crafts, and souvenir shops… Furthermore, you will have the opportunity of swimming alongside dolphins, an unforgettable experience.


Enter A New Market To Tap Immense Growth Opportunities

The economic and political stability makes Bavaro excellent for destination living. Look no further than Bavaro if you are searching for bavaro villas for sale to settle down. Bavaro’s growing real estate market opens a plethora of opportunities for investors. You can consider beachfront properties like apartamentos en Bavaro to gain exposure to our booming real estate sector. We would also recommend investing in beachfront condos in Bavaro if you would like to increase your upfront investment. Along with living the Caribbean lifestyle, condos will also allow you to take advantage of the Dominican Republic’s growing tourism market.

You can also rent your apartments or condos in El Cortecito Bavaro to earn recurring rental income. Finally, we will conclude that investment options in Punta Cana’s real estate market are plenty. However, you will need a trusted partner to tap the immense potential of this market. You can find that partner in Coldwell Banker Prime Realty. We are a highly trusted and renowned real estate company helping clients buy, sell, or rent properties in the Dominican Republic.

We offer end-to-end handholding support to make business easy and efficient for all the parties involved in a deal. Contact us now to make your real estate acquisition in Punta Cana hassle-free. Let us help you multiply your wealth through real estate investment.

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