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Cap Cana Real Estate


Buy Or Rent Your New Home In The Haven Of Luxury, Cap Cana

Dominican Republic (DR), the heart of the Caribbean is nestled between the islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba. Cap Cana is one of the most scenic destinations in DR, featuring a picturesque world-class marina, miles of pristine white sand beaches, award-winning golf course, ecological park, various sports grounds, educational district, and much more. It is no wonder why Cap Cana is considered the jewel in the crown of the Dominican Republic. Whether you are searching for Cap Cana apartments for sale or Cap Cana villas for sale, Coldwell Banker Prime Reality can help.

Cap Cana is not just a renowned Caribbean tourist place but also a prime destination for vacation and living. As a leading Cap Cana real estate company, Coldwell Banker Prime Realty helps clients to find Cap Cana condos for sale or Cap Cana homes for sale. Nobody knows Cap Cana's real estate market better than we do when it comes to Cap Cana properties for sale. It makes our realtors the #1 choice to find properties in this beautiful beach resort. We are committed to finding the best Cap Cana homes for sale. Our performance and track records speak for us, and therefore you can expect nothing but the best from Coldwell Banker Prime Realty.


Located at the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Punta Cana is renowned as the diamond centerpiece of the Dominican Republic. Set in the east of the country and southern point of Punta Cana, Cap Cana can be visited in less than fifteen minutes by car from the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ). You can also reach Cap Cana through water transportation. The prestigious marina of this picturesque city is capable of accommodating up to 200-foot yachts. Searching Cap Cana houses for sale? Coldwell Banker Prime Reality is here to provide a tailored realtor experience.


From stunning beaches to lavish eateries, and world-class opulent condos & apartments, Cap Cana features all the facilities to enjoy a pampered lifestyle. This is the perfect destination across the world to treat yourself. Here, you will get what you deserve. Throughout your stay in Cap Cana, you will experience the seamless blends of scenic landscapes, breathtaking white sand beaches, and world-class infrastructure & services. Spend your vacation stay in the global luxury apartments of Cap Cana to relax your body and mind in the cradle of nature and lavish hospitality. Get Cap Cana condo for sale at Coldwell Banker Prime Reality.

Since Cap Cana is located in the Punta Cana region of the Dominican Republic, it is only minutes away from all top attractions, here, you can expect everything you need for a satisfying short visit or extended stay. The premium beaches of Cap Cana are equipped with all the amenities you can experience in an ideal beach. From swimming,  sailing, and fishing, you can take part in numerous beach activities here. These amenities make anyone search for Cap Cana house for sale.

The Punta Espada Golf Course makes this location heaven for golf lovers as well. This par-72 course is ranked the #1 golf course in the Caribbean by Golfweek Magazine. The ecological wonderland, sports facilities, state-of-the-art equestrian center, and educational district are some of the other features that make Cap Cana a great place to stay and invest. Invest in properties and get Villas Marina Cap Cana for sale at Coldwell Banker Prime Reality.


Live a few days in our beautiful beach paradise and discover our treasured culture, traditions, and stunning landscapes. We can help you find global luxury homes in Cap Cana and make your stay unforgettable. Contact us now to find apartments or condos for sale in Cap Cana.


Your Upscale Dominican Stay Might Need Our Assistance


is one of the highest-rated real estate companies you can trust without any second thought. Every member of our team is committed to finding world-class Cap Cana condos and houses for sale for our clients. We provide the highest level of customer service and use all our resources to find the best property that will suit your requirements. We may also find Cap Cana apartments for rent. Searching for a Cap Cana villa for sale? Contact us now. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Coldwell Banker Prime Realty.



 Also known as National Park of the East, is home to more than 500 flora species, 300 types of birds, and long stretches of beaches and underwater wonders, it is one of the most visited and protected areas in the country. While here, visitors can hike, discover ancient Taino ruins, take part in bird watching excursions, and

dive in coral reefs populated with manatees, bottle-nose dolphins and other sea creatures.

SHOPPING: Visitors to La Romana have various shopping options, whether they are seeking locally made crafts and distinctive Dominican food, or the island's latest fashions. El Artístico, approximately 2 miles

(3 km) west of La Romana, is known for selling Dominican art jewelry and Dominican icons made from pounded metal and bright colors. Casa de Campo also houses retail stores with resort apparel and native jewelry.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.

What types of exclusive waterfront properties are available in Cap Cana through Coldwell Banker Prime Realty? 

Coldwell Banker Prime Realty offers a selection of exclusive waterfront properties in Cap Cana, including luxurious villas and residences overlooking pristine beaches and the sparkling Caribbean Sea.

Does Cap Cana offer private community amenities, and can Coldwell Banker Prime Realty provide details about them? 

Yes, Cap Cana boasts private amenities such as golf courses, marinas, fine dining restaurants, and spa facilities. Our team can provide detailed information about these exclusive amenities.

Is Cap Cana a suitable location for investment properties, and does Coldwell Banker Prime Realty assist in investment consultations? 

Cap Cana is an excellent choice for investment properties. Coldwell Banker Prime Realty offers expert investment consultations, guiding clients to make informed decisions about their real estate investments in Cap Cana.

Can Coldwell Banker Prime Realty assist in the design and customization of properties in Cap Cana? 

Yes, our team collaborates with experienced architects and designers to assist clients in customizing properties in Cap Cana, ensuring that their dream home becomes a reality.

What sets Cap Cana apart from other luxury destinations in the Dominican Republic, and how does Coldwell Banker Prime Realty showcase these unique features?
Cap Cana's natural beauty, world-class amenities, and exclusive lifestyle options set it apart. Coldwell Banker Prime Realty showcases these features through detailed property listings, virtual tours, and personalized property viewings.

Does Coldwell Banker Prime Realty provide support for the legal and regulatory aspects of purchasing properties in Cap Cana? 

Yes, our experienced team offers comprehensive support for legal and regulatory aspects, ensuring that the property purchasing process in Cap Cana is smooth, transparent, and compliant with all regulations.

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