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Why Real Estate investors in the Dominican Republic are investing more than ever in El Cortecito?

El Cortecito, the heart and soul of Bavaro, is a picturesque beachside community renowned in the tourism industry for its funky and relaxed vibe. Literally everything is within walking distance. For these reasons, tourist activity in this area has multiplied considerably, attracting the attention of investors to this particular area of Bavaro Punta Cana in recent years.

Below we will detail why investing in El Cortecito can be one of the best investment decisions you can make this year.

Condos in El Cortecito Bavaro

The Location

El Cortecito is one of the best tourist destinations of Bavaro Punta Cana, where several real estate properties are situated in prime locations. Most premium condos in El Cortecito Bavaro are within a few minutes of walking distance to the stunning beaches of aquamarine blue waters. The government is heavily investing in building El Cortecito’s infrastructure to promote tourism and attract foreign investors.

In El Cortecito, you can participate in water-based adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boat ride, dolphin adventure, parasailing, etc. You can also rent a party boat or catamaran in El Cortecito and go fishing or in Catalina or Saona Island. Booking a helicopter ride allows one to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the place.

In the Cortecito you can enjoy an elevated lifestyle having at your disposal a large number of supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, bars and a vibrant nightlife that make you comfortable in a convenient place to travel.

The History

Researching and understanding the latest historical, economic, and political situation of the Dominican Republic in general and El Cortecito, in particular, is essential before making any investment decision. Here are 3 essential points to consider:

  1. The Dominican Republic (DR) is the fastest-growing economy in Latin America. In the last few years, we have seen a substantial reduction in the poverty rate and growth in GDP. Real estate is one such sector that is directly linked to the country’s economic condition. This sector is bound to grow when the overall financial situation is good. It ensures high ROI out of your El Cortecito real estate investment.
  2. Studies show that every year more than 6 million tourists visit this country. It proves the robust growth in DR’s tourism industry. The major tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic are benefiting from this, and El Cortecito is no exception. You can unhesitatingly invest in Bavaro condos in El Cortecito and make the most of DR’s tourism growth.
  3. The Dominican Republic and its cities are growth-focused and politically stable. It will give you the much-needed peace of mind required to stay invested for the long term.

Make the Most of It with Coldwell Banker Prime Realty

Coldwell Banker Prime Realty is a highly rated and trusted real estate company in Bavaro Punta Cana, helping clients tap the enormous opportunities of El Cortecito’s booming economic growth. We help clients find affordable properties in prime locations and empower them to leverage the Dominican Republic’s growing real estate market. Contact one of our trusted advisors and give them the details about what you are looking for.

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